NISAFORM s.r.o. offers:

  • Design and production of injection moulds for all the kinds of plastic (injection, blow, vacuum and pressure moulding), mostly for automotive industry, production of dies, foundry patterns, core boxes, cast-iron moulds, and inner pieces
  • Desig and production of assembly and checking jigs, shearing tools and a variety of shaped parts
  • Production of machine parts, service and repairs in the above mentioned fields
  • High quality equipment allowing them to supply tools, cast iron moulds, foundry patterns, shearing tools, jigs, shaped parts in the required quality

The staff comprises about 50 experienced and qualified workers.
The goal of Nisaform is to meet all technical and qualitative requirements of their local as well as foreign customers. Through their attention to quality and internal checking they have succeeded in many branches of engineering industry. In the 6FP Nisaform was a partner in projects “Rasped”, Smart Foundry” and “Hymould”. Nisaform’s particular interest lies in the project outcomes to ensure flexible, cost effective and accurate manufacturing possibilities. During the course of the project it will be investigated whether the HDCM component can be manufactured by Bazigos and/or Nisaform after the life-time of the project when commercialisation and sales start. This will be of great added value to Nisaform while participating in COMET.

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> End of project: 30th June 2013

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