DemoCenter-Sipe is a technology transfer centre committed to promoting innovation with particular focus to Industrial Automation and Information Science Technologies. It was established in 1993 on the initiative of many entities interested in the promotion of the regional industrial economy. It comprises public administrations, research institutions, enterprise associations and more than 60 industrial companies mainly acting in the mechanical, electronic-mechanical, electronic and other fields of the manufacturing industry. This network enables DemoCenter-Sipe to act effectively as a technology transfer centre, promoting demonstration programs and specialised conferences but also providing managerial and technical support to the companies wishing to pursue innovation and carry out research projects.

Since 2005, Democenter-Sipe has been part of a regional network of research centres and industrial companies called SIMECH, dealing with integrated design and simulation tools for advanced mechanics, and specifically for new manufacturing processes with robot systems. In this network DemoCenter-Sipe is in charge of raising awareness of the availability of new manufacturing technologies through demonstration activities and dissemination events.

DemoCenter-Sipe has more than 15 years of experience in European Projects. It has taken part in more than 30 EU funded projects, mainly focused on Industrial Automation and IST, covering key roles in management, demonstration and dissemination activities.

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> End of project: 30th June 2013

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