One of the world’s leading innovators of CADCAM software and the market leader in 3D design and the manufacture of complex shaped products, parts and tools. Delcam’s comprehensive range of CAM software solutions such as PowerMILL, FeatureCAM and PartMaker, its PowerSHAPE solution for CAD and PowerINSPECT solutions for metrology, are used worldwide from the largest multi-national corporations to the smallest tool shops, as well as in educational establishments and research institutes.

Delcam’s software is used in the aerospace, automotive, composites, medical, dental, electrical appliance, marine, packaging, shoe and toy industries. Delcam’s software is used by more than 35,000 organizations in over 80 countries. Delcam participates in many national and European research projects to incorporate state-of-the-art current and future technologies for the benefit of its customers. With over 200 developers, Delcam has the largest R&D department of any specialist CAM software provider.

Delcam has coordinated several FP6 projects and is an active partner in several national and international projects researching and developing innovative ICT tools for the design and manufacturing of complex geometries using high end manufacturing systems. Within FP5 Delcam joined two EC projects and is active in four FP6 EC projects. Delcam coordinates the Integrated Project Custom-Fit, is a partner in the Integrated Projects Manudirect and CEC-Made shoe and in the Collective Research project HIPERMOULDING.

Delcam is well known for providing CAM solutions for any kind of machine tool such as high speed, 5-axis milling and turning machines. The control of robot systems for high precision manufacturing operations is a rapidly developing area of Delcam’s expertise. Delcam is keen to develop the emerging Robot Machining market, where Delcam sees an important role for Europe’s manufacturing industry.

The COMET project provides an excellent opportunity to apply Robot Machining in several application areas including aerospace, automotive, high precision and mould and die components; all areas in which Delcam has significant experience and capability. Delcam will manage the commercialisation of the Programming and Simulation Environment for Robots (PSIR) after the lifetime of the project.

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Contact Jan Willem Gunnink, Manager R&D Projects Europe, Delcam plc

> End of project: 30th June 2013

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