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N. Bazigos S.A. is a complete constructive and productive unit specialising in high precision components.  They are very forward thinking boasting impressive attributes such as industry expertise, quality, professionalism and the ability to generate innovative ideas. Bazigos' Manufacturing and Mold Shop, one of the biggest in Europe, combines know-how and high technology, and is a vital collaborator with the most important companies in the sector all over the world. Specialist areas include molds' manufacturing - Injection, Cutting and Forming, SMC, Vacuum, Die Casting - and the manufacturing of high precision parts. The staff of Bazigos' Manufacturing and Mold Shop comprises 45 engineers and is accommodated in a modern air-conditioned factorial building of 7000m².

The integration of Robotic systems in Bazigos mold shop has been focused up to now for handling applications. The possibility of using robots for processes like drilling and trimming is of high interest for N. Bazigos S.A.

During the course of the project it will be investigated whether the HDCM component can be manufactured by Bazigos and/or NISAFORM after the life-time of the project when commercialization and sales starts. This will be a big added value to Bazigos while participating in COMET

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Website www.bazigosmolds.com


> End of project: 30th June 2013

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