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AMRC Manufacturing

AMRC Manufacturing Ltd is an SME  formed from the AMRC, University of Sheffield; one of the most prestigious manufacturing research centres within Europe.

The department of Advanced Manufacturing Research is a £45M partnership which builds on the shared scientific excellence and technological innovation of leading aerospace companies and is a tangible example of the ‘knowledge economy’ in action, demonstrating that universities and industry can work together to develop cutting edge research, exploit new technologies and deliver real economic benefits.

The staff comprises highly qualified researchers and engineers from around the globe, with expertise ranges from materials, dynamics and composites to assembly and additive manufacturing. The assembly department has completed numerous robotics based projects using high technology approaches replacing labour intensive aerospace assembly activities. AMRC Ltd is a new commercial entity, set up to build upon the expertise and the research network of the AMRC. AMRC Ltd aims to exploit the research being developed at AMRC for commercial gain.

AMRC Ltd’s current scope is to consolidate its established consultancy arm and grow into pre-production and production projects within the Aerospace sector. It is also in the process of delivering ‘turn-key’ machining projects using robotics, replacing standard machine tool design platforms with multiple robot solutions.

AMRC Ltd works closely with the current AMRC partnership network which includes companies such as Rolls Royce, The Boeing Company, BAE, Messier Dowty and their supply chains. This will enable AMRC Ltd to implement the findings from COMET into these supply networks and to also ensure real cost savings and efficiencies can be realized.

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> End of project: 30th June 2013

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